AZDS Launches RevRaise Experience, Powered by Way, Landmark Fully-Integrated Rooms + Experiences Reservation Journey for Hotels and Resorts
RevRaise Experience powered By Way
The newest RevRaise enhancement will allow a hotel’s guests to discover and book rooms, activities and experiences all in a single transaction

Denver, CO (June 27, 2024) – Today, AZDS and Way  jointly announced the launch of a new seamless digital reservation journey specifically created for hotels and resorts to sell rooms and ancillary experiences in a single booking flow. 

With this new integration, guests can discover and book their hotel rooms and desired travel experiences simultaneously, directly through the property’s official website. This increases direct bookings, while also eliminating the need for separate bookings and upselling efforts, and allows hotels to increase their average order value while optimizing their website for conversions. Guests can even reserve multiple hotels in one transaction, with bespoke experiences associated with every stop on their journey. 

This joint solution combines the Way all-in-one experiential platform, which makes it easy for brands to launch and scale experiences such as ticketed dinners, host-led activities, and onsite amenities directly on their website, with the industry-leading hotel & resort RevRaise booking technology by AZDS adding this new elevated feature, titled RevRaise Experience, to the market for the first time. 

“We are very proud to be able to introduce experiences to our RevRaise product, giving hotels the ability to sell rooms, activities & experiences in the same transaction, which has been a pipe dream of the hospitality industry for far too long,“ said Adam Deflorian, Founder & CEO of AZDS. “Our design, development, and product teams have done a tremendous job executing the vision to create a single cart experience within our RevRaise hotel booking engine. In many other industries you can buy multiple products all at the same time, and it’s our belief travelers around the world should be able to do that with their vacations also.”

“Way’s vision is to elevate the way people interact with brands through experiences. This combined effort with AZDS empowers guests to customize their trip with a simple, all-in-one booking process that leads to a truly experiential stay. By enabling hotels and resorts to create the same level of luxury across both digital and physical experiences,  they deepen their connection with their guests. This integration is the first of its kind; the only solution bringing rooms and experiences together, providing guests with effortless discovery and booking options precisely when they need them,” said Michael Stocker, Co-Founder & CEO of Way. 

The new RevRaise Experience, Powered by Way solution embeds the integrated booking experience directly into a hotel’s website, reducing the loss of traffic and conversions and enhancing the property’s overall brand. With less drop off and bifurcation in the online customer journey, hotels and resorts can track more guest data than ever and gain valuable insights into guest behavior throughout the entire digital funnel.

In addition, properties can offset operational costs along with the need for additional third-party platforms by implementing this all-in-one solution.  

We are also excited to announce that RevRaise Experience is a complimentary add-on for all existing RevRaise partners* who are also currently leveraging the Way technology on their website. Simply submit a request to activate the RevRaise Experience booking engine enhancement by clicking here.

For hotels & resorts who are not yet RevRaise or Way subscribers, you can inquire about the subscription packages available by speaking with a member of our AZDS Partnerships team by clicking here.

*on the RevRaise “B” Template booking engine