Set Collection

  • Services Website design, development and booking engine creation and maintenance.
  • Engagement 2021- Present

Modern website & booking design & development for collection of some of the world’s most exceptional, independent luxury hotels.

Bold, Elegant Web Design for Leading Luxury Experiences

AZDS’s website design approach to establishing an all-new visual experience for the international portfolio of The Set Collection was to create modern, bold designs that reflected the individual elegance and character of each of the collection’s signature properties across Europe and Asia. The new brand website, as well as individual property-specific sites, were designed to reflect and elevate the Collection’s brand ethos and leverage a higher standard of guest experience.

Evolving Hotel Brands into a Lifestyle

Much of AZDS’ design approach for The Set Collection was to explore inspiration outside of just the hospitality industry and bring in design practices from fashion and other luxury industries. The end result is a design-forward, lifestyle-centric experience that focuses on the guest first, and how their digital experience can reflect their jet-setting lifestyle above and beyond simply booking a hotel.

A Sense of Place for Each Property

AZDS’ approach to designing each individual property site focused on centering each iconic destination as seamlessly integrated within their amazing locations. Our design team created a custom color palette and integrated design aesthetic for each hotel, as well as visually striking and immersive pages that highlight and inspire guests with SEO-rich content in each destination.

Jewels Within a Framework

Part of AZDS’ charge with the Set Collection portfolio of websites was to create a unified and standardized design system that also allowed each individual property’s character and attributes to shine through. By combining a similar back end framework and shared modular system in the RevRaise Publish CMS, this allows each website to be managed in the same manner and to easily add new sites as properties are added, while also introducing a guest-facing design system that highlights a unique color scheme, fonts, logo treatment, galleries, blogs, stories and content that is unique and personalized to that individual property.

Forward Design That Also Delivers Results

The new Set Collection website ecosystem not only elevated the brand and experience for the portfolio’s collection of properties, but also delivered tangible business increases. Following the launch of the new website project, increases were immediately delivered in the core online metrics of Traffic, Conversion and Booking Revenue.

  • 14% Online Booking Conversion
  • 40% Website Traffic
  • 122% Online Revenue

Stylish Animation Rewards Exploration

AZDS’ design team created a design aesthetic that leads the Set Collection guest on a journey throughout the site. With subtle touches of animation that reflect the stylish brand ethos of the Collection’s properties, website visitors are delighted and rewarded with nuanced hints of movement that reward exploration throughout the site.