• Services New website design and development for 21 properties as well as the Raffles brand site. Completely custom Booking Engine system for all properties leveraging full integration into Accor TARS CRS. Ongoing content, website maintenance, analytics & new property onboarding support.
  • Engagement 2023 – Present

A complete redesign of the website and booking experience for one of the world’s most iconic luxury portfolios.

Custom Flexible Design System

AZDS brought the classic and timeless elegance of the legendary Raffles brand and their iconic properties into a modern, design-forward digital interpretation by completely reimagining their digital presence. Our team created a sleek and simple, yet classic, new design interpretation on the AEM CMS platform for each of the portfolio’s properties that allows for customization of content, modular and interchangeable design elements, and high-visual content that captures the true magnificence of their renowned destinations.

A Completely New Booking Experience

Part of the Raffles digital reimagination was the design & creation of a fully bespoke custom booking experience for each Raffles property. AZDS created the first-ever booking integration into Accor’s TARS central reservation system, which allowed the opportunity to build a fully-bespoke booking engine that is fully integrated into each property website, lives on their domain, and offers a simplified user journey, which immediately drove increased booking conversions & revenue following launch.

A World of Exploration

With 22+ properties (and growing) across multiple continents, AZDS needed to create a custom navigation that would allow guests to explore Raffles destinations around the world – and navigate between the brand site, between different property sites, and easily pass back and forth between destinations. The end result was not a series of separate websites, but the architecting of a fully integrated portfolio ecosystem that reflects the range of the Raffles collection, as well as encourages navigation and exploration around the world.

Immersive, High-Touch Design Elements

Featuring custom maps that showcase the breadth and expanse of the Raffles portfolio, beautifully crafted historic timelines and galleries that celebrate each property’s unique character, custom dining and spa microsites and much more, the attention was in the details to create the same high-touch, luxury experience that Raffles guests are accustomed to in the hotels themselves and transferring it to their digital experience.