Opal Collection

  • Services Website design & development for 23 individual property websites & brand level site, SEO, website maintenance and content strategy.
  • Engagement 2022 – Present

Rearchitected the digital experience for collection of luxury destinations through efficient shared infrastructure and personality-driven design

Modernizing and Unifying the Jewels of the Collection

AZDS’ charge with the Opal Collection project was to create a design system that unified and celebrated over 20 individual property websites and connected them to each other and to the brand website in a way that modernized and re-presented the portfolio to match the individual character of each hotel while bringing them together as a collection of individual gems united for a greater whole.

Integrated booking widget

AZDS designed and developed a custom four-pronged booking widget on each of the Opal Collection properties’ homepages that gives their guests the opportunity to search and book not only rooms at the hotel, but also their dining reservations, events, and spa treatments.

AZDS’s integrated blog architecture allows for infinite opportunities for SEO-rich content to be posted and then syndicated across pages and properties.

New Logo Design System

AZDS created a new and evolved cohesive design system, specifically designed for the digital realm. From a new Opal Collection brand mark to 20+ individual property logos, the AZDS Design Team evolved, transformed and modernized all the marks of the collection into a unified design system that highlights both the breadth of the portfolio as well as celebrates the unique identity of each individual property.

Custom Visual Identities

Part of AZDS’ design approach was to create a unique design system comprised of colors, patterns, fonts and visual identities that both individualized and connected each property to their local region as well as to the Opal Collection as a whole. AZDS created a custom design style guide that could be applied elsewhere to align other marketing efforts and on-site physical branding.