• Services Bespoke Website Development & RevRaise Booking Engine for Janu’s brand site and inaugural Tokyo property site
  • Engagement 2023 – Present

An Integrated Site & Booking Experience with Ultra-Flexible Content Management System

Flexible & User Friendly – For Guests & Staff Alike

To create a truly customizable, design-forward website for both the brand and property websites, AZDS developed a “flexible content row” component strategy in the proprietary RevRaise Publish CMS to allow content editors to create endless layout configurations utilizing a variety of media aspect ratios and text styles, which can easily be duplicated and rearranged on both desktop and mobile devices.

Bold Design for a New Brand

AZDS adapted the design elements of the Janu brand and combined them with modern and sophisticated site development techniques to create a bold, clean digital representation of the brand and its inaugural property. Their new digital platform allows for enhancement of the brand through rich storytelling by combining syndicated content and editorial-forward blog stories. The sites are fully integrated with Janu’s translation partner to provide scalable translated content across languages.

Fully-Integrated Booking Experience

AZDS created an integrated booking engine that is fully embedded on the Janu website, meaning guests can be inspired, research, and book their trips without ever leaving the website, as the brand elements are carried forward through all steps of the booking process. The booking engine design and development was timed to align with the grand opening announcement of Janu’s inaugural property, Janu Tokyo, to drive interest, bookings, and high rates of conversion to coincide with the launch of the new property.